The Beauty of Autism

More and more people are starting to realize  that autism is more than a disorder. Having  ASD(Autism Spectrum Disorder) can actually  be a good thing. For example, autistic people  have an excellent memory and they’re also very  creative. Businesses like Microsoft and SAP  have special recruitment programs for people  with autism because even they believe in the  beauty of autism.

What is Autism(ASD)? 

Autism is a pretty wide term and there are 4 types of it. I’m going to  briefly explain them all to you.   

 Asperger Syndrome 

So the first one is probably the most well-known. Asperger  syndrome is the mildest version of ASD and that’s why a lot of  people with this type of autism can function pretty well in society.  Someone with Asperger is usually intelligent en (relatively)  independent, but they’re also very bad at social interaction.   

 PDD-NOS(Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not  Otherwise Specified) 

People with PDD-NOS have the same symptoms as people with  Asperger but a bit intenser. This type of autism is also a residual  category for people ​who have a pervasive developmental disorder  but don’t fit into the other 3 categories.   

 Autistic Disorder/Classic Autism 

Someone with an Autistic Disorder has the same symptoms as  people with the Asperger Syndrome and PDD-NOS but even at a  more intense level. It used to be called Classic Autism before it  changed to Autistic Disorder.   

 CDD (Childhood Disintegrative Disorder)  

This is the most severe type of autism, it's also the rarest. Children  with CDD lose their social, language, and mental skills between  the ages of 2 and 4. Usually, these kids also develop a seizure  disorder. I consider CCD as purely a disorder. 

Autistic Strengths 

Research found out that having autism can give you a lot of noteworthy  strengths. Those autistic strengths can be used to excel in a few areas  and that’s, of course, very useful.    For example, some people with autism have a very rich fantasy, which  could be used to write an amazing novel. Lots of other autistic people are  very creative and that skill can be used to come up with the perfect  solution for a problem. Believe me, it goes on and on like that.    I’ve made you a list with some of the most useful autistic strengths,  enjoy.   

People with autism: 

● Are trustworthy 

● Can work very well alone 

● Have great attention to detail 

● Are creative 

● Have excellent senses  

● Have a great sense of humor  

● Don't care about fitting in 

● Have an excellent memory 

● Have a rich fantasy 

And many more!   

Parents and educators of children with autism should focus on these  strengths instead of the child’s weaknesses. Only then are kids with ASD  able to fulfill their true potential.   

Autistic Celebrities 

Yes, it's true. A lot of celebrities are/were (probably) autistic. Therefore, I  thought it would be fun to make you a list with some of the most  noteworthy autistic celebrities. And to the autistic people reading this,  maybe you'll become one of them someday. Have fun reading this list!    

Autistic Celebrities:  

● Albert Einstein - Physicist  

● Charles Darwin - Biologist  

● Isaac Newton - Physicist and Mathematician  

● Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Musician  

● Bill Gates - Co-founder of the Microsoft Corporation  

● Steve Jobs - Former CEO of Apple  

● Michelangelo - Sculptor, Painter, Architect, Poet  

● Nikola Tesla - Inventor  

● Satoshi Tajiri – Creator of Nintendo’ s Pokémon  

● Abraham Lincoln - Former US President  

● Vladimir Putin - Russian President  

● Emily Dickinson - Poet  

● Thomas Jefferson - Former US President  

● Daryl Hannah - Actress  

● Courtney Love - Singer  

● Temple Grandin - Zoologist  

And many more!   

These people are the proof that someone with autism can succeed in  nowadays society.

Special Recruitment

Programs  More and more employers are starting to realize that having an autistic  person on the work floor can be a good thing. Therefore, companies like  Microsoft, SAP, and Ford have set up recruitment programs focused on  people with ASD. They, and lots of other businesses, believe in the  beauty of autism.     


  • Microsoft’s “Autism Hiring Program” 

Microsoft describes its program as “​recruitment, retention and career  development strategy related to diversity and inclusion”. An employee with  an autistic son came up with this brilliant idea. The program includes a  multi-day event where people with autism can show their talents in the  hope to be hired.   

  • SAP’s “Autism At Work” 

SAP’s is an international tech company from Germany and their goal is  to hire 650 autistic people by 2020. They now have 120 autistic employees  and I think that’s great. SAP is doing an amazing job.   

  • Ford’s “​Ford Inclusive Works” 

Ford is also an ASD-friendly company. They’ve partnered up with the  Autism Alliance of Michigan(AAM) to found their program “Ford Inclusive  Works”. The AAM determines which jobs at Ford are suitable for people with  autism and they also help autistic people with keeping their job. Pretty  fantastic right? 

Suitable Jobs 

The aforementioned companies offer people with autism jobs, which  means there are suitable jobs for autistic people. For example, ​Microsoft  notes that people with autism are often (though not always) best suited  for careers as Software Engineer, Service Engineer, Build Engineer, Lab  Engineer, Data Analyst or Data Scientist.    I’ve made you a list with some suitable jobs for people with autism,  enjoy.   

ASD-Friendly Jobs: 

● Software Engineer 

● Service Engineer 

● Build Engineer 

● Lab Engineer 

● Data Analyst 

● Data Scientist 

● Computer Programmer 

● Telemarketer 

● Graphic Designer 

● Web Designer 

● Accountant 

● Journalist 

● Physicist 

● Mathematician 

● Commercial Artist 

● Photographer 

● Cartoonist 

And many more!     

Most of the time, people with autism are very suitable for these jobs.  Sometimes, they even have an advantage against normal people. 


People with ASD can make a difference in nowadays society. They have  special talents that the average human doesn’t have and that’s something  good. It’s important that people with autism get the chance to fulfill  their potential because it would be such a pity otherwise. Companies like  Microsoft, SAP, and Ford are already giving autistic people  opportunities, which means that the future looks bright. See the beauty in autism and you will be rewarded.


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