My Opinion About Curing Autism

Let's make something clear, autism isn't a mental illness. I admit having ASD(Autism Spectrum Disorder) can cause problems, but that's only because society isn't made for autistic people. Autism is rather a different operating system than an error in the brain. Being autistic has even a positive side. For example, someone with autism has an excellent memory and is usually very creative. In this article, I'm going to tell you what I think about curing autism. Is it good? or is it bad?

I'm honestly concerned about how people are trying to rob autistic people from their uniqueness. They do this by trying to cure autism but also by saying time after time that having ASD is something bad. I totally get it when people try to cure someone who's autism is really severe, but some also want to cure people with mild autism. This is very wrong.

An autistic person should be encouraged to look further than the disadvantages of autism so they can see the beauty of it. We need people who think differently than the average man/woman and autistic people can fill up those positions.

I'm not saying everyone with ASD is a genius, but I'm sure a few are.

A Better Way

Helping autistic people deal with their autism is better than curing it. It's actually not possible to cure ASD even if you want to.

Some people claim that consuming dairy products can cause autism and that by eliminating them from an autistic person's diet he or she will be cured. This isn't true because there's no real proof of dairy causing autism. It's just a theory and I think it's a pretty unlikely one.

So autism can't be cured, at least not yet. Therefore, autistic people need to learn how they can deal with their autism. Therapy helped me to reduce the intensity of my ASD-related difficulties, but I don't know if it works for someone else. People with autism aren't all alike.

If you search "How to deal with my autism" on the internet you'll find lots of articles. Most of them are useful, but you should keep in mind that not all information on the web is true. Always use more than one source about a topic. Do this to avoid getting wrongly informed.

My Experiences

Having ASD can be pretty hard. All these problems normal people never have to deal with. It can really make you long for an autism-free life. Fortunately, being autistic has also a positive side. My autism helps me every day and it would be foolish to cure something so useful.

An autistic person should work on skills like social interaction, but he or she should also avoid over-stimulation. This combination will make the life of someone with autism a lot easier.

I've also learned it's important to listen to yourself. For example, if you feel like it was enough social interaction for today, take your own advice and get some rest.


I hope I convinced you why people with mild autism should never be cured. You can't cure someone who's perfectly healthy. There are people who don't agree with me, but that's because they're afraid of dissenters.

My advice for you is, look for the beauty in autism. It will help you remember that being different isn't a bad thing.


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