The Beauty of The Autistic E-Community

I recently found out how heartwarming the autistic e-community is. I'm talking about forums like Autism Forums where autistic people help and support each other. It's truly wonderful to see how people with autism can learn so much on these kinds of platforms. They learn how to overcome ASD-related obstacles by learning from the experiences of their autistic brothers and sisters. In this article, I'm going to tell you why I'm such a big fan of these autistic forums and why they're so useful for the autistic community. 

Why I'm Touched by This

Having autism can be pretty hard and it really helps when there are people who relate to you. For example, earlier this day I read a forum thread of a 13-year-old girl who's 'sick of humanity in general'. She's convinced that normal people don't understand her. They don't know what it's like to have an autistic brain. 

While reading the thread, I recognized myself in this girl. Most people don't understand how hard life for an autistic person is. Therefore, they think we're exaggerating the matter.

After reading the girl's story, I decided to look at the replies. There were no negative replies, only positive ones. People, who were also on the spectrum, shared their own experiences and gave the girl tips & tricks on how she could deal with her autism.

Instead of looking the other way, these people decided to help the girl. They wanted to help her overcome those autism-related obstacles and I'm truly amazed about that.

These kinds of actions are exactly what the autistic community needs. People like those forum members help other autistic individuals reach their potential. They are the foundation of a world where autistic people thrive.

Outside of The Community

I like to explain things on the basis of stories, so I'm going to tell you another one. A week ago, I read a forum thread of a 19-year-old woman who was about to know if she had autism or not. The problems she had were similar to the symptoms of autism and she hoped ASD was the cause of them. After all, without knowing the origin of an issue, it's almost impossible to overcome it.

Luckily for her, she had autism. You could feel the relief in every word she wrote and even though that's heartwarming, it's not my point.

People had already replied to her first message before she wrote her second. These forum members told her it wouldn't matter if she was on the spectrum or not. She would always be welcome on the forum, even without an autism diagnosis.

This shows how friendly people with autism are. Those forum members gave her the chance to become part of the autistic community, even though she wasn't autistic. I just think that's a very good example of how people should treat each other.

About Autism Forums

I know it's a little off-topic but I want to talk about Autism Forums, my favorite ASD-related forum. I've read the two aforementioned stories on this forum and you can find lots of other inspiring stories there.

When I introduced myself on Autism Forums, the forum members gave me a very warm welcome. They were friendly to me and I really got the feeling I was part of something bigger than myself.

Since then, I log in once a day to read the newest threads. Those stories make me feel less alone in this chaotic world.


Heartwarming isn't it? Autistic people from all over the world supporting each other. It really gives me hope for the future. I hope you think the same about it because together, we can do so much good. I'd like you to join me in my quest to make the world an autism-friendlier place. You're probably wondering "how can I help you?" and therefore, I've made this list.

You can help me by:

  • Leaving a comment
  • Sharing this article
  • Donating to a trustworthy charity(like AOR)

I hope you liked reading this article and remember, see the beauty in autism and you will be rewarded.


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